Benjamin Philippe Zulauf

Music Producer, DJ and founder of Hummingbird by BPZ

[aliases// Fork-Tailed Woodnymph, Ben Zulauf, Edgar Jack]

Cutting his teeth down in the basement of his parents home in 1997 with a Roland MC-303 and a Juno 106, the Swiss/British/Aussie fledgling producer entered into a life long affair of pursuing and creating a seemingly endless loop of square bass, chord pads and saw leads. Taking cue points from all styles of electronically made analog music (909, 808, 300…) from the 80s up to the 00s, he embraced everything coming out of Detroit, New York, Chicago, London, Melbourne, Berlin, Manchester or Bristol, be it House or Techno, Acid or Breaks, Electro or Funky, it didn’t matter the style only the groove. It become an obsession to understand how a certain track had been made, which hardware had been used and what oscillator combination with what FX had been applied to it…so yeah, that kind of ‘special’ obsessiveness.

Naturally as a Producer he would venture out into the wider nightlife scene and explore the world of vinyl records and DJ’ing. Being based in different countries over the years allowed him the luxury to experience different spaces and hear diverse sounds both local and imported. This all became a strong positive influence for him and played no small part in crafting his own productions, the likes of Honkytonks, Chinese Laundry, Revolver Upstairs, Hardware, La Ruche, Cosmic Slop, Club der Visionaere and Panorama Bar can be heard in his music. Seeing the likes of Jeff Mills or Underground Resistance jam live or watching and hearing track selectors such as the Space DJs, Laurent Garnier, DJ Sotofett, DJ Qu and Mike Shannon will leave you with very strong impressions.

Benjamin’s music has been championed by many over the years, the likes of Laurent Garnier, Peace Division, DJ Rolando (UR), LTJ Bukem, DJ Sprinkles, DJ Bone, Fred P, Terry Frances, Barac and Âme to tout a few. He’s also released on a number of labels which include for GummiHz’s ‘Claap Rec’, Daniel Madlung’s ‘Vekton Black’ and for his own imprint - Hummingbird by BPZ which he formed in 2010, where he released an album under one of his aliases ‘Fork-Tailed Woodnymph’. As a DJ he remains versatile and has shared the decks with many other talented artist - Andres and Pier Bucci, Eric Powell, Tobi Neumann, Livio & Toby, Shonky, Hot Since 82, Brothers’ Vibe, Georgios Papamanoglou and played venues such as Weekend, CDV, Chalet, Griessmuehle, La Ruche, Around Festival, Glas-Raum and Ministry Of Sound New Dehli.

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy, music is the electrical soil which the spirit lives, thinks and invents

Ludwig van Beethoven